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SuccessFactors & OpenText at a business service

The past June 8, Inclusion Services planned with SAP an exclusive working meeting with clients to bring closer the benefits of SAP SuccessFactors and OpenText platforms, two solutions with great competitive advantages.

Constanza Quiniones, SAP HR Director, was in charge of the opening and presented Fabian Garcia Nicora, expert on Human Resources Strategies, Changes, Culture and Communications. Fabián started his presentation highlighting how the massive growth of technology has changed all business activities. He sustained that Human Resources couldn’t be left out of this reality and got deepen into the impact of Success Factors management of people and leaders.

With over 18 years of experience in Human Resources Systems, Mariela Gutierrez, SAP Practice Lead at Inclusion Services was in charge of the presentation of SuccessFactors, each module and best practices of this cloud-based Human Capital Management software.

Regarding implementation timing and costs, the difference between projects based on traditional systems and others sustained on cloud methodology is very significant”, sums Mariela.

One of the most outstanding advantages of SuccessFactors is that it’s built through best practices of the market and users of the platform”. In this sense, Mariela said:

Thanks to our seniority on the matter, Inclusion Services helps organizations to execute each module, taking into account the best practices of each industry and the goals of the company”.

Last but not least, Eduardo Cantero and Juan Expósito, specialized OpenText team, made a brief presentation of this SAP leading document management tool. To inform the benefits of this content suite and as the only certified OpenText Partners in Argentina, they displayed the broad expertise of Inclusion Services customizing the solution.


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