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Today, companies can detect any anomaly or emergency taking place in their industrial plants in real time and from mobile devices. This is Internet of Things (IoT) integrated to industrial safety.


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Cloud, a trend that impacts all industries

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From contacts to relations

40% of consumers would feel ok leaving a brand. According to a study by Forester, a bad experience can cause the user to leave the brand and join the side of our competition. In such a context  it seems essential to know the desires of the people and to provide a path according to them. But how can we do it?

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Digital transformation of HR

The times of permanence within a company are being reduced and this problem seems to be linked to a generational change. According to the United States Department of Labor's annual study (2016), staff between the ages of 55 and 64 stays in the same job three times as long as the 25-34 year old. Taking into account that, according to Adecco, 91% of young people estimate that in less than 3 years will change jobs, you can see a difficulty in companies to generate commitment in human capital.

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PANAYA: agility and certainty of starting the change

The urgency of digital transformation does not seem to match
the times taken by a database migration. PANAYA is a technological tool designed to shorten these deadlines, providing security of operation in less than a year.

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SAP S/4 HANA, so as not to suffer analysis paralysis

Big Data rules the present and the Internet of Things is outlined as what will feed it in the near future. Companies that wish to proliferate in such a context will need an adequate tool to process the large amounts of data and predict what will come next. Why? More info here ...

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Multiplatform, the key to innovation

SAP, the German multinational of which we are Gold Partners, has entered into agreements with Google and Apple to stimulate the development of new business applications. At Inclusion Services we promote digital innovation and use the latest tools to drive digital transformation. Here all the details.

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The influence of omni channels on retail

Purchasing practices have changed. Consumers can begin the journey from the comfort of their home and end it by buying their products at a physical location. Having technological tools like CAR is essential to provide a harmonious experience and increase sales.

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Turning Operations and Logistics into the digital world

One of the new trends that is currently emerging is the Internet of Things (IoT). The creation of smaller and more intelligent means that from glasses to miniprocessors are connected to collect, receive and send information. Despite looking more like entertainment-related innovations, they are revolutionizing the business worlds.

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Digital Transformation with Hybris

Omnichannel has become a daily concept. A research from Fluent revealed that 47% of customers who contact a brand by 10 or more channels that end up making at least one weekly purchase by one of these means.

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Inclusion services at the SAP Executive Summit in Buenos Aires

On March 14, we were part of the SAP Executive Summit, the most important technology event of business, technology and innovation  that took place in the City of Buenos Aires.

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Autonomous cars, the future of transportation

Autonomous cars are the stars at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. Artificial Intelligence and data collection this innovation, areas of our expertise as exposed in this content.

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5G on the horizon, IoT on the way

The arrival of the 5G is near and the relationship with the Internet Of Things is closer. How it will impact the industries and what are the advantages that are already offered?

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The Connection between Mobile Technology and Productivity

The Mobile World Congress is less than two weeks away, and mobile devices are starting to play a key role in the technology market. In Inclusion Services innovation is as important as quality, that is the reason why we are updated on the latest developments in the field of technology.

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IoT and agribusiness, an ever closer relationship

The Internet of Things is in full expansion. According to a Gartner study, by the end of 2017 there will be over 8.4 billion connected devices. But, far from the smart watches and autonomous cars for the end users, PWC warned that it is a technology that no sector will be able to avoid.

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Inclusion Services at ASUG Annual Forum 2016

Last September 13th, Inclusion Services was Gold Sponsor of the new edition of ASUG Annual Forum organized by the Association of Users of SAP Argentina (ASUG). Our CEO, Mariano Baca Storni, presented a session on how to innovate in business with the best SAP solutions.

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A new working day for a more effective development

On September 20, we organized the second exclusive work breakfast for clients along with SAP, to bring closer the benefits of HANA Cloud Platform and SAP UX solutions.

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Recruit and motivate with SuccessFactors

Technology´s disruptive changes have redesigned the organizational structures and HR management systems. Mobile devices, cognitive computing and Internet of Things (IoT) are not only changing the way companies present their products or services; changes are also reflected internally.

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SAP HANA Challenge 2016 has started!

With the support of SAP Argentina and Buenos Aires´s City Government, we present a new edition of SAP HANA Challenge. This year´s challenge is focused on Smart Schools and counts with two intense months of training on new technologies prior to the hackathon.

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User Experience in retail:

Beyond screens

Purchases with Smartphones have grown exponentially and they are forcing retail companies to rethink experiences that connect users with mobile platforms. However, the biggest challenge for the business is to transform these enormous amount of data into valuable knowledge.

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IoT and financial services:

A new security system

The Internet of Things, IoT, is generating one of the ultimate technological revolutions of the last decade. The idea behind this innovation is that the objects and devices we use daily are connected to each other, making our lives much easier. Fridges will notify when they are about to run out of food. Cars won’t have to have drivers as traffic lights will warn them wirelessly when to stop. Houses will adjust their temperatures and lightning minutes before our arrival, so we can feel comfortably when we get there from work. This is what the future will look like.

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The value of professional leadership

The complexity of the business world has forced companies to demand an increasingly qualified workforce. However, many organizations are not prepared to face this reality. They bump into leadership deficiencies when it comes to decision making.

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Ready, set… Mobile!

With mobile in business breakthrough, companies are looking forward to developing more and more complex applications that fit their operation needs and users’requirements. Our mobile team specialized in SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) comments on their daily work with this platform.

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Networking and Innovation within a click

Last July 27-28, Inclusion Services joined Outsource2LAC, the first digital edition of the most influential outsourcing and offshoring forum in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) created by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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SuccessFactors & OpenText at a business service

The past June 8, Inclusion Services planned with SAP an exclusive working meeting with clients to bring closer the benefits of SAP SuccessFactors and OpenText platforms, two solutions with great competitive advantages.

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The next stage of Innovation.

SAP and ASUG hosted the 2016 SAPPHIRE NOW, one of the largest global business technology conferences were you can find the latest SAP solutions and exciting technology trends.

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